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Male Nudes: Index
by Feierabend

List Price: $19.95 Publisher: Feierabend Verlag, Ohg
Salesrank: 831530
Released: 31 March, 2006
Our Price:
Media: Hardcover
Availibility: This item is currently not available.

by Feierabend

List Price: $29.95 Publisher: Feierabend Verlag, Ohg
Salesrank: 102037
Released: August, 2004
Our Price:
Used Price: $24.95 
Media: Hardcover
Availibility: This item is currently not available.

Customer Reviews:
Only One Complaint
This is a wonderful collection of creative, sensitive, and beautiful nudes--mostly female, many male, and a few with both together. It's the sort of book you'd want to leave out for friends to see, if you wanted to impress them with what good taste you have. The photographs are black-and-white, color, and copper-toned or sepia; a few are quasi-surrealistic, a few portray very soft-core bondage, and many are shot in wonderful natural settings.

My only--and major--complaint with this book, one that tempted me to give it only four stars, is that there are too many photographs divided between both pages. This is of course due to the fact that the size of the photographs required either this treatment or severe reduction. The book measures 8x12, so it affords reasonable size for this kind of material, but I have photographs in other volumes that do not suffer this kind of distracting and aesthetically degrading division. There is truly something to be said for the importance of size.

This collection is well worth viewing, and some of the best photographs could justifiably be cut out and framed.

Super Combo Delux
I'm not generally a big fan of "combo" books which contain work by many photographers. I prefer a single photographer book because I believe you get more of what the photographer-artist is saying to you with their work when you take it in as a whole, picture after picture. With combo books you keep switching gears and it breaks up the mood. Plus you'll inevitably run into photographers whose work you do not like and that leaves a sour taste.

Having said that bit, this book is absolutely wonderful. It's big, it's bold, it's production quality is ne plus ultra and the photo selection is outstanding. Plus is has one of the best covers I've ever seen. The range shown here is just enough to give variety but still stay in the groove of being in the same game, meaning there's no sudden surprises of weird fetish shots or something thrown in. It's consistent and shows the work of some of the best photographers in the world.

Very well edited and looks great on your end table. Plus it's a steal at that price! What more could you want? I love this book.


This is the best!
If you're interested in nude photography, this book is a must have. Beautiful, artistic, and sexy.

Nudes: Indexxi
by Lidia Carbonell

List Price: $19.57 Publisher: Feierabend Verlag, Ohg
Salesrank: 359334
Released: October, 2003
Our Price:
Used Price: $28.15 
Media: Hardcover
Availibility: This item is currently not available.

Customer Reviews:
Love Indexxi!
I loved this book! It had tons of sexy photography ideas which you can use for valentines or anniversary pictures.

Not that great...
The book is small 5 x 5 and all the pictures are b&w. Most of the pictures have a softened (grainy) tone. I prefer clear pictures. Most of the subjects are normal people and unknown.

for all Kingdome19 fans
You find in that book previously unreleased works
by the great german photographer / photographist Kingdome19.
The content with male models are sadly a little bit low.
Together a book with hundreds of nudes . female & male

The Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotica
by Marilyn Jaye Lewis, Maxim Jakubowski

List Price: $18.95 Publisher: Carroll & Graf Publishers
Salesrank: 51378
Released: 09 January, 2002
Our Price: $13.45
Used Price: $8.48 
Media: Paperback
Availibility: Usually ships in 24 hours

Customer Reviews:
I am one of the models in this book
Hello everyone I am one of the models in this book,I am located on page 474 and also on 479. I think the book is a tell all of peoples lives and the beauty of photography,I think that it is an expression of the photographers inner selves as well as the models pictured. Each photographer was to pick 8 pictures that they felt was a portrayal of their image and only a few were selected to be put into the book itself! How dare people that have written the reviews that knock this book,if you wanted to buy porn this is not the book for you.It is a portrayal of both the photograher and model working together to get a work of art!
It's not like these woman were forced to do this and "Hey here's the outcome!" It's the beauty of letting go, walking on the other side, and most people in this world don't explore that side or ever get the chance to!I'm happy with the results that came from this book,it's nice to look back to the time I was able to express myself through photography and have fun doing it! This book gives examples of alot of differant shadowing techniques,lighting, postioning, and timing,and it opens the minds of very few people to ask themselves, "I wonder what this person was thinking with the way they were looking at that very point?"That is the art part of this book,if you don't have an open mind then don't buy it!If you crave things unknown to you then buy it!

Moderately Interesting
This is a visual survey of (almost all female) nudes. I would not call it 'erotica' simply because I associate erotica with sex and with sexual feelings. This collection has nothing to do with sex and little to do with sexual feeling; it has everything to do with stylized poses, various visual effects (some quite interesting), and a seeming penchant for bondage dress-up.

Some of the people are quite pretty to look at; perhaps ironically, some of the most appealing pictures are of models without props or obvious poses. People are interesting--so why not just show them? This is perhaps as close to "erotic" as this collection comes.

It is amusing that this smallish book--barely larger than a standard paperback book--is entitled 'mammoth.' It is no more that than it is erotic. Still, because some of the photos are nice, I rather generously award it four stars.

The Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotica
I think the photographs are well done, but I just do not like the book and wish I hadn't bought it.